Precious Heart



44 X 54 CM

Acrylic Paint, Marker Pens And Oil stick on Jute.

As a practising play therapist, I see first-hand the power of play as a child’s symbolic language of self-expression. It is through play that we can bridge the gap between concrete experience and abstract thought.
For children toys are the words and play is the language. A realm where objects, symbols and metaphor possess deeper meaning, it is through play that children extend themselves into areas which they find difficult to enter verbally. I would argue that adults can do the same and I strive to demonstrate this by using my paintings to say what cannot be said and bring dialogue to the intricate parts of our political, philosophical and social lives.
Inspired by the memories of playing computer games, Precious Heart, the name of Sakura’s theme on Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha reminds me of having fun with siblings.

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Please not that due to the country wide Lockdown, Artwork delivery’s may take longer. The artist may also post artworks after the lockdown has been lifted to ensure safety.

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Dimensions 44 × 54 cm